ClearCash proves a clear winner at the Prepaid365 Prepaid Card Awards 2010

  • ClearCash voted winner as Best Unbanked Prepaid Card 2010
  • Clearcash voted runner up as Best Newcomer 2009/10

ClearCash, part of the ClearDebt Group of companies has created a storm by winning Best Unbanked Prepaid card at the Prepaid365 Awards 2010. The Debt Advice Portal has been offering these cards through ClearCash to its intermediary introducers as a solution to their indebted clients, allowing them to help clients resolve issues about money management and empowering them to help the financially excluded.

The beauty of this card is its ground breaking approach to helping customers manage their money through the tailoring of the online BudgetMaster tool. This also gives customers the ability to monitor their spending in real time giving them instant control of their expenditure. With the added bonus of purchase protection insurance it is little surprise that in just nine months the ClearCash icount has made such a big impact on the prepaid market and satisfied consumers expectations.

Operations Director, Samuel Mond comments,
“In the current financial climate the last thing anyone needs is to be hit with bank charges for being overdrawn.  When developing ClearCash we knew it was key to take a hands on approach, ensuring our clients had as much support as possible to work towards a financially stable future and a more fluid cashflow.

“ClearCash has worked really hard to create a product that doesn’t discriminate against people who have had trouble with money and which helps them stay in control. Even basic bank accounts treat these people as funts – financial untouchables – at least some of the time. We are glad that consumers, through the Prepaid365 portal, have recognised the contribution ClearCash, a Prepaid card, can make to creating a level playing field for those consumers who have been abandoned by mainstream banks and cards.”

Amit Sharma, CEO, Prepaid365 and founder of the Prepaid365 Awards commented “It is not surprising that with more than a 100 prepaid card products in the market, the product proposition across most products approaches a degree of repetition. ClearCash challenged that by bringing a fresh approach to the market. They have used their experience of working with the financially excluded in establishing themselves as the number one choice of prepaid card for the unbanked in a very short space of time. The win for ClearCash is also an indication of the growing maturity of the industry and rising awareness of prepaid cards amongst consumers who voted for the ClearCash brand ahead of a fair few well established brand names.”

The ClearCash Prepaid MasterCard, can be used with over 29 million retailers worldwide – both on and offline – anywhere MasterCard is accepted.  Offering free purchase protection on purchases up to £1,500 and the revolutionary BudgetMaster tool, ClearCash also enables clients to set up standing orders and other bill payment facilities.  Balances can be checked online or by text, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  ClearCash icounts can be topped up by bank transfer, PayPoint or at any Post Office in the UK.


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